Prospective Clients

Dear Prospective Clients,

Thank you for your interest in becoming a client. We’ve identified several criteria that are indicative of the sort of clients we serve. Our clients:
  •  Are nice or at least professional
  • Have a long term connection to France
  • Are compliant with worldwide tax filing obligations, or willing to take steps to become compliant.
  • Have a situation which requires a certain level of sophistication to justify our involvement. We are not a tax return factory and steer simple situations to low cost providers if that makes economical sense for the client/prospective client.
  • Accept the value proposition we offer. Our low end fee for any engagement is around EUR 800 HT. We have a lot of admin costs which is requisite in our client service model.
  • Own their tax filings and ensure tax filing deadlines are timely met by timely supplying necessary information. We are happy to provide assistance to ensure this happens.
If you believe our services are a good match your needs, we invite you to complete our prospective client survey below. We’ll reply within the next three business days.
Steven R. Horton, CPA