Horton Tax Services offers high-quality tax services to the American community in France. Our approach is people-focused. We encourage face-to-face meetings whenever possible, as this enables us to better learn about our clients and offer more effective services.


Horton Tax Services is a very accessible firm. If you call, you’ll speak to one of us, not a voice mailbox. If you send an e-mail, you’ll get a prompt reply. Our clients have full access to our expertise during normal business hours, all year round.

Horton Tax Services has a wide variety of services, including:

  • U.S. individual income tax return consultation and preparation
  • U.S. business tax return consultation and preparation
  • French individual tax return consultation and preparation
  • French wealth tax (IFI or ISF) return consultation and preparation
  • French tax reporting for French rental properties
  • Tax equalization services
  • Compensation Consulting

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French and US tax related information

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What exchange rate should I use?

What exchange rate should I use?

For tax year 2018, the IRS’ official EUR to USD average exchange rate of 1.1792, and this is the exchange rate that we will use in preparing 2018 U.S Income Tax Returns. The 2018 year-end EUR to USD exchange rate used for the FBAR (US Treasury Form 114) and Form 8938 is 1.1468. The Federal Reserve’s official exchange rates for prior years 2017-2008 and the current 2018 IRS official exchange rate are listed below.


Historical Summary of Exchange Rates           Historical Summary of Exchange Rates

(Income Conversion on Tax Return):               (FinCEN Form 114 and Form 8938):

2018: 1.1792                                                                2018: 1.1468

2017: 1.0834                                                               2017: 1.2005

2016: 1.0638                                                               2016: 1.0537

2015: 1.0672                                                               2015: 1.0881

2014: 1.2755                                                               2014: 1.2165

2013: 1.2771                                                               2013: 1.3774

2012: 1.2361                                                               2012: 1.3175

2011: 1.3369                                                               2011: 1.3072

2010: 1.2739                                                               2010: 1.3253

2009: 1.3369                                                               2009: 1.4333

2008: 1.4726                                                               2008: 1.4097


For the French tax year 2019 (Revenus de 2018), the Banque de France official USD to EUR exchange rate is 1.181, and this is the exchange rate that we will use in preparing 2018 French Income Tax Returns. For preparing 2019 French IFI returns, we suggest that you use the year end exchange rate of 1.1468 USD/EUR.

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