What is the due date for the U.S. return? Should I apply for an extension?

The deadline for filing a U.S. tax return is typically April 15, and Americans residing in the United States must file by April 15th,  an extension of time to file (Form 4868). Taxpayers who file an extension request timely can receive an extension through October 15.

Americans who are abroad on April 15 receive an automatic extension through June 15, and may file an extension of time to file through that date. Americans living abroad can receive an additional extension to December 15.

Horton Tax Services automatically files extensions for our current client list on April 15, June 15, and October 15, in order to allow us time to complete all of our clients’ tax returns. If we have completed your prior year U.S. tax return, you are automatically on our extension list for the current year return, and do not need to contact us or do anything in order to receive an extension.

If we have not previously completed your tax return, or if we completed your return in prior years, please call or email us before April 1 to make sure you are on our current extension list. You may also file your own extension by the appropriate deadline and provide us with a copy so we may complete your tax return.

Click here to download Form 4868 (Extension of time to file)